Change in Party Affiliation Legislation

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Change in Party Affiliation Legislation


ood Afternoon All,

We introduced a bill (SB 1195) that would move the date a person can change his or her party affiliation to the 2nd Friday in February.  As many of you have seen, another bill (SB 1203) was introduced that would eliminate any deadline for changing party affiliation.  It looks like neither bill is going to pass.

The way the law is currently written, the only deadline for changing party affiliation is March 11th.  That is, pursuant to I.C. 34-411A and 34-704, the last day to file for office for the Primary Election.  So anyone can change their party affiliation or become unaffiliated any time prior to that date.  If an elector wants to change his or her party affiliation to either the Constitution Party or Republican Party in order to vote in the Presidential Primary, the elector can do that any time prior to receiving the ballot.  If the elector then wants to change to another party or become unaffiliated after voting in the Presidential Primary, the elector will have until Friday, March 11th to do so. To change affiliation from Unaffiliated on Election Day, the voter may notify the Poll Book Clerk of the change and mark the change in the Poll Book. To change from one party to another on Election day, the voter must complete the Idaho Political Party Affiliation Declaration Form in order to make the change.

Essentially, there is no cut-off for changing party affiliation prior to the Presidential Primary.  The cut-off only applies to the May Primary Election.

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